RABBIT CAGE, DELUXE 30" x 24" x 18"

  • $114.75

Deluxe Rabbit Cage - Extra Large
  • 14 gauge hot-dipped galvanized after weld wire 
  • Standard mesh for the rabbit cages is 1" x 2"
  • 30" x 24" x 18"
  • 2½" deep plastic pan
  • Tray slides
  • Leg sets
  • Urine guards
  • They are designed to stack 3 high with their interlocking legs

We ship our cages in knock-down kit form. Included are a disposable c-ring pliers and c-rings for easy assembly.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer tests the cages for safety and durability, however, if please follow directions when assembling a cage, we can not be held responsible for accidents.

Please Note: We recommend you wash your new cage before using it. Neutralize your galvanized after-weld cages with a 50% vinegar/50% water solution. Wash your PVC-coated cages with soap and water.

Product Weight: 24.0 lb
CR-D30-M ?


Please note that due to restrictions placed on us by our vendors, we do not accept returns on this product.

Galvanized Before Weld (GAW)

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Galvanized Before Weld (GBW)

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