WOVEN DEER FENCE 1478-6 14 GA HT BEZINAL 78X165 FIXED KNOT Factory Fit with Gripple Joiners

  • $219.05

Solidlock 30 1478-6 14g 165' Bezinal® coated wires resist corrosion 2 to 6 times longer in heavily polluting corrosion tests than hot-dip galvanized wires and last up to 8 times longer in heavily polluted areas**. This is thanks to the formation of the dense and high quality passivation layer that is mainly formed by aluminum oxides.
Product Weight: 105.0 lb
FFDR14786-165-BZ-P18-BT ?


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Galvanized Before Weld (GAW)

A durable fencing solution available in a variety of gauges.

Galvanized Before Weld (GBW)

Economical for lighter duty and lower durability applications.