WW GAW 14 GA 1/2X1X1X2 18X100' BABYSAVER - C

  • $207.80

Designed specifically for protecting kits (baby rabbits) in rabbit cages. Unlike standard welded wire mesh which has a 1”x2” mesh for the entire width, this wire mesh has a ½”x1” mesh for the bottom 4” which prevents kits from falling or being pulled through the cage.

Rolls are 18”x100’. The bottom 4” has a mesh opening of ½”x1” and the top 14” has a mesh opening of 1”x2”. It is made of 14 gauge galvanized steel wire for strength and security.

*Available in both GAW (Galvanized After Weld) and GBW (Galvanized Before Weld).

Product Weight: 60.0 lb


Please note that due to restrictions placed on us by our vendors, we do not accept returns on this product.

Galvanized Before Weld (GAW)

A durable fencing solution available in a variety of gauges.

Galvanized Before Weld (GBW)

Economical for lighter duty and lower durability applications.