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Hi-tensile woven Deer & Wildlife Fence, 12-1/2 gauge galvanized wires, 96"x330', Galvanized Before Weave (GBW), Hi-tensile wire mesh and fence, 2096-6-12-1/2 style. This top quality deer and wildlife fence is ideal for the confinement of large animals, such as deer and elk. Deer and wildlife fence is woven from heavily Class 3 galvanized 12-1/2 gauge Hi-tensile wire - your assurance of a long lasting fence. Minimum tensile strength of this deer and wildlife fence is 140,000 psi. Horizontal openings of this deer and wildlife fence are graduated from 3" at the bottom to 7" at the top. Strong fixed knot construction - one-piece vertical wires are tightly fastened to horizontal wires by a third wire which wraps around the intersection. Vertical wires, spaced 6" apart, cannot unwind under pressure. Although the joint is firmly held, there is enough inherent flexibility in the design to allow the deer and wildlife fence to conform to uneven terrain. Tension curves in the horizontal wires allow for expansion and contraction. This 8 foot high fence will discourage deer from attempting to jump.

Product Weight: 408.0 lb
FFDR20966-330-ZA-ST ?


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Galvanized Before Weld (GAW)

A durable fencing solution available in a variety of gauges.

Galvanized Before Weld (GBW)

Economical for lighter duty and lower durability applications.